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Rates and Services

Standard Damp Survey and Report - from £200.00

Standard Timber Survey and Report - from £200.00

Full Damp and Timber Survey and Report - from £275.00

*Full Pre-purchase Damp and Timber Survey and Report - from £300.00

*This survey is usually requested by banks and building societies during the buying and/or sale of a property

The above prices are for a typical 2/3 bedroomed property. Please feel free to contact us for quotes on larger properties.

All surveys are non destructive unless agreed prior to the survey being carried out. There may be certain circumstances where additional tests may be required to provide a correct diagnosis.

The objective of each survey is to provide a clear unbiased view on any damp and timber related issues. If requested, we can also provide you with estimated costs for damp and timber treatments to help you budget for the future. (Please note this is not a quote as we do not carry out remedial treatments and some in cases an estimate cannot be given due to exposure works that may be required)

Additional Services:

Additional tests an be carried out to help provide a correct diagnosis - a sample of plaster/brickwork is taken and a Calcium Carbide test (speedy test) is sometimes required to determine the correct moisture content of the materials in the affected area

A salts analysis test may be required to determine if any ground salts are present, this will determine the correct type of remedial works that are required 

There will be additional fees to those properties which require us to survey cellars, please add £40.00 for these areas to be inspected.

If floorboards are required to be lifted and reinstated there will be an additional charge for the works, this can be discussed prior to undertaking the survey.

Other consultancy fees available upon request.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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