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Terms and Conditions

1. Limitations

1.1 You are reminded that if access is limited during the inspection it is not possible to confirm that unseen areas are free from defect. As the possibility of hidden defects to these areas cannot be entirely ruled out you may consider further investigation of the property.

1.2 Where a property is occupied, furnished and where floors were covered over, this limits the inspection possible particularly to the floor surfaces but if you are able to arrange for furnishings to be moved and floor coverings lifted, we should be pleased to make a further inspection of such areas subject for an additional charge.

1.3 The inspection carried out has been of the visible elements of the property which were accessible and readily available for examination from ground and floor levels and adjacent public areas without risk of causing damage to the property or injury to the surveyor. Due care has therefore been exercised throughout the inspection regarding safety, practicability and the constraints of being a visitor to the property. In conducting the survey and completing the report certain assumptions and restrictions as to the scope and application of the report have been made.

1.4 As far the service installations (gas, electricity, hot and cold water, space heating and drainage are concerned, our inspection was a limited superficial one and in the absence of specific tests we cannot give warranty as to their condition, design or efficiency.

1.5 Many parts of a building such as foundations and sub-floor areas are concealed during construction and we do not disturb these. It follows, for practical reasons, that we have not inspected woodwork or other parts of the structure that are covered, unexposed or inaccessible and we are, therefore, unable to report that any such part of the property is free from defect.

1.6 Underground pipes from sanitary fittings, rainwater downpipes or gullies were not traced and tested.

2. The Service

2.1 The Surveyor will inspect diligently but is not required to undertake any action that would risk damage to the Building(s) or injury to himself, herself or any other party.

2.2 The Surveyor will not undertake any structural or other calculations.

2.3 The report will not express an opinion about or to advise upon the condition of uninspected parts and should not be taken as making any implied representation or statement about such parts; nor will it mention minor defects which the surveyor considers do not materially affect the property. If the report does refer to some minor defects this does not imply that the property is free from other such defects.

2.4 The report is provided for the sole use of the named clients and is confidential to them and their professional advisers. No responsibility is accepted to others.

3. The Inspection

The main building

3.1 The surveyor will undertake a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the property as is accessible with safety and without undue difficulty. Accordingly the report will cover all that part of the property which is visible whilst standing at ground level within the boundaries of the site and adjacent public/communal areas and whilst standing at the various floor levels. Therefore furniture, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings will not be moved unless agreed prior to the inspection. The inspection will include, subject to agreement prior to the inspection the roof space without moving insulation material. This is subject to reasonable accessibility with safety and without undue difficulty.

3.2 The outer surfaces of the roofs will be inspected if they can be readily seen from the ground, or from any other accessible vantage point to which the surveyor is entitled to gain access with safety and without due difficulty.

3.3 The surveyor will not open up or cut into the building fabric without specific directions from the client. Such intrusive investigations if instructed by the client will be at risk and liability of the client and will be assumed to be with agreement between the client and the building owner.

3.4 The surveyor will not attempt to remove securely fixed covers or housings without the express permission of the owner.


3.5 The surveyor will provide an overall impression of the services, but will not test them and will not advise upon whether the property/services comply with regulations in respect of services. The surveyor will report if it is considered that tests are advisable. Specialist inspection of electrical and gas installations, drainage, heating and hot and cold water systems will not be undertaken.

Flats, maisonettes or similar units forming part of a larger building or group of related buildings

3.6 External: The exterior of the subject property, and sufficient of the remainder of the building in which it is situated, will be notified by the clients and agreed with the surveyor to be inspected, to ascertain their general state of repair. (Please note: This is to enable the clients to arrange for inspection of that part of the exterior of the property to which a shared maintenance/service charge which would be payable by the clients applies.)

3.7 Internal: The interior of the subject property, and in a more superficial way, those communal areas within the building from which the subject property takes access and on the floor(s) of the subject property plus such other communal areas/roof/roof spaces notified by the clients and agreed with the surveyor to be inspected. (Please note: This is to enable the clients to arrange for inspection of other communal parts which are the subject of shared maintenance/service charges which would be payable by the clients.)

3.8 The Surveyor will not undertake a Health and Safety Risk assessment and if advice is required regarding Health and Safety Risks within the building or on site a specialists report should be commissioned by the client.

3.9 The Surveyor will not undertake a specific Asbestos Surveyor risk assessment and if advice is required regarding the presence or possibility of asbestos products within the building or on site a specialists report should be commissioned by the client.

4. The Report

4.1 If it is not reasonably possible to carry out any substantial part of the inspection, this will be stated in the report.

4.2 Any obvious evidence of serious disrepair or potential hazard to the property will be reported, as will any other matters apparent from the inspection which are likely materially to affect the value.

4.3 Where the surveyor relies on information provided, this will be indicated in the report, with the source of the information.

5. Charges

5.1 The clients will pay the surveyor the fee agreed in writing for the report and valuation and expressly agreed disbursements.

5.2 Before agreeing the fee the clients are expected to give a fair indication of what is to be inspected, including size of the main building; in the event of the inspection being substantially more extensive than described by the clients, the surveyor shall be entitled to an additional reasonable fee.

5.3 If floorboards and fittings are to be removed then prior notice should be given and the additional fees agreed.

5.4 If additional testing is required then the agreed charges will be added to the invoice.

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